Walking for Fitness

Walking for Fitness

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Are you looking for a low-impact way to get those extra pounds off?

Do you want to start living a more healthy, active lifestyle?

Great News!

We have the solution you are looking for!

Our new e-book: “Walking for Fitness: How to Walk Your Way to Health” is now available!

"Walking for fitness" e-book cover.
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And for a limited time, you can get it for the insanely low introductory price of only $1.99!!

Yup, you heard read correctly. You can get this instructive fitness guide for under five dollars! It’s probably the cheapest thing you’ll buy all day.

But why is it so cheap?

I don’t know about you, but I am so sick of people overcharging for digital products. “This e-course will change your life for only $900!” 

Give me a break. I can’t imagine anything you will tell me is worth me laying out $900 up front. 

(I may be just a tad cynical…)

I made a firm commitment to myself that when I start selling products, I would sell them at a reasonable price.

Ok, ok, there is also the fact that this e-book is short and sweet. Five instructive articles and you’re good to go. I mean, if the point is to get you up and walking, we don’t want you sitting around reading an e-book all day!

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